DOZOR On-line Monitoring System

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The Dozor on-line monitoring system provides on-line monitoring of the technical status of systems and airborne equipment of aircraft and helicopters and the dump of flight information from airborne recorders of the Tester, BUR- 1, BUR-SL and ZBN-Т types to the dump solidstate storage with simultaneous on-line monitoring (express analysis) of this information in order to:

monitor out-of-tolerance condition of flight parameters

monitor technical status of the power plant, systems and airborne equipment of the aircraft/helicopter

monitor flight crew’s actions in flight

monitor the aircraft/helicopter power plant and airframe life.


The system can be used autonomously at field (temporary) aerodromes and in the aircraft/ helicopter single parking and can also be included into static and mobile flight information processing systems of the Luch, Mayak-85, Topaz and Decoder types as the re-rewriting, primary processing and information reproduction equipment of the airborne recorder. The system allows entry, conversion and processing of parametric information directly from the test connectors of the systems and airborne equipment.


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Description: DOZOR On-line Monitoring System
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