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The Drone Defeater depowers Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and secures your perimeter, transforming any field base into a protected fortress.


UAVs are being flow in as the latest form of terrorist espionage, and when equipped with weapons, drones evolve into loitering munitions, sent on kamikaze missions to harm your personnel. The DRONE DEFEATER severs the connection between drone and pilot. With the flip of a switch you’ll see them drop like flies and capture the enemy’s equipment and data for counter-intelligence.


SESP’s one-of-a-kind UAV jamming solution packs intense reservoirs of power to establish the strongest and broadest possible perimeter of security. Seamlessly integrated into any SUV, or as standalone equipment, the DRONE DEFEATER floods the skies with blocking waves, rejecting the penetration of any enemy drone.


Technical specifications:


430 MHz to 6 GHzs

1600 Watts of Pure Power

Optional open communication window for walkie-talkie frequencies

System is designed in modular form for easy replacement and maintenance

Excellent performance in all road and weather conditions

Triple power source DC generator, AC alternator and high-capacity coverage

Full vehicle shielding and EMI protection

Defense Products & Services: Drone Defeater by SESP Group
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Defense Products & Services Sectors: Electronic countermeasures ( ECM ) systems, ground-based
Country: Israel
Description: Drone Defeater
Source of Information: SESP Ltd

Drone Defeater

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