Dual Rate Spring Technology by Horstman Defence Systems

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Building on the Horstman single rising rate spring technology, the Horstman dual rate spring enables two distinct spring curves to be combined.


The spring characteristic shapes and the inflection point where they meet are customisable to suit the application.


- The isothermal characteristic considers the compression of the gas spring, and all the thermal energy created escapes during this process.

- The polytropic spring characteristic considers some of the thermal energy is retained during the compression stroke and is closer to the normal characteristic expected during operation.

- Damping characteristics are typically used in combination with the spring to achieve an acceptable performance when used in a vehicle suspension application.


This technology is suited to applications like wheeled and tracked vehicle suspension, gun recoil systems/recuperators, and other recoil systems.


Feature                        Benefit


Dual spring                  Limiting suspension forces at full bump / jounce

characteristic               to prevent very high suspension forces.

                                    Increased rebound region forces when required.

                                    Increased spring rate around normal static position.


Rising Rate Spring      Improved spring characteristic over linear springs to prevent

and improved              excessive travel and bump impacts, by progressively slowing

damping                      movement.

Integrated                   No external control required to achieve this very useful spring

mechanical                 characteristic.





Selectable damping

Dual spring characteristic / secondary volume

Active damping

Ride height control system (RHCS)




Charging kit – HydroboosterTM

Electronic control unit (ECU)

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