EA16038D Solid State Transceiver by Easat Antennas

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Easat's Solid State X Band Transceiver (EA16038D) combines the latest solid state amplifier technology with new concepts in RF design, providing state of the art performance and high reliability.


The EA16038D radically departs from conventional magnetron radar practice through the transmission of low power RF pulses and application of pulse compression techniques to provide sub-clutter visibility of targets.


The EA16038D is available in two versions: equipment room or tower top mounted configurations. Both solutions are available in either single frequency, dual redundant or dual diversity configurations, as recognised by the ATC industry.


The SMR X-band transceiver can be used in conjunction with either Easat's EA7401M, EA7401H or EA6501 linear array antennas or the EA3462 reflector antenna. The transceiver requires 110 V/220 V single phase AC. It can operate at fixed antenna rotation speed of 60 RPM or rotation rates can be adjusted to suit site conditions.

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