EA-18G Interference Cancellation System (INCANS) by Harris Corporation

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Harris Corporation
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Harris uses unrivaled interference cancellation technology to restore communications on the EA-18G Growler while the powerful electronic attack jammer is active.


The Harris INterference CANcellation System (INCANS) removes jammer interference to protect the pilot’s communications.


The EA-18G Growler uses powerful electronic attack jammers to blind enemy radar and protect allied aircraft during missions into hostile territory. Unfortunately, the very high energy from the jammers also blocks on-board communications. INCANS collects a sample of the jammer interference and uses that sample to create and anti-interference signal, which it then mixes into the receive path for the protected radio. The result of mixing the interference and anti-interference is that they cancel each other out, leaving only the desired reception.


Harris delivers communications while jamming capability.


Harris has been producing the EA-18G INCANS for over ten years, with over 175 systems delivered to date. INCANS is used daily around the world to restore Growler pilots’ communication lifelines while they protect allies from hostile threats. INCANS is just a small part of Harris’ track record of over forty years of using interference cancellation technology to solve the hardest interference problems.

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Description: EA-18G Interference Cancellation System (INCANS)
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