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The weatherproof R&S®EM100XT digital compact receiver has inherited all the functionality of the R&S®EM100. In addition, the R&S®EM100XT with IP 67 protection class enables cost-efficient outdoor fixed or mobile radiomonitoring.


The receiver is operated via the same user-friendly remote control software (R&S®EM100-Control) that is used for the R&S®EM100.


The robust receiver’s weatherproof enclosure makes it suitable for short and long-term outdoor deployment. It is well protected against rain and dust. With the R&S®EM100XT-IG option, a GPS module can easily be installed in the device to transform the receiver into a TDOA sensor node. The R&S®EM100XT-DF option can also be added for direction finding tasks. When both options are installed (plus a GPS antenna and DF antenna), the R&S®EM100XT becomes a hybrid solution for effectively and accurately determining the direction from which an emitter is transmitting.


The mounting brackets (R&S®EM100XT-BR) were specially designed for conveniently fixing the device to any pole or wall structure. The tilted top-plate functions as a sun shade. Well-fitted side handles (R&S®EM100XT-HD) are available for easy transportation.


Key Facts


Same functionality as R&S®EM100

IP 67 weatherproof housing

Integrated heating device for operating temperatures as low as –25 °C

Integrated GPS module for enhanced frequency and timing accuracy

LAN interface for remote control and data output

Data buffering to internal SD card for time-shifted data output via LAN interface


Features & Benefits


High receiver sensitivity, high signal resolution

- State-of-the-art digital signal processing for high receiver sensitivity and detection of extremely weak signals without any loss in processing speed

- Significantly superior receiver sensitivity and signal resolution (compared with conventional analog broadband receivers)


Retrieval of information through demodulation and operation as handoff receiver

- Analog-modulated signals demodulated directly in the receiver; contents audible using headphones

- Digitally modulated signals converted to the baseband by means of I/Q demodulation and exported via LAN

- Offline analysis of digital signals, e.g. with the R&S®CA100


Monitoring receiver and signal analysis in a compact system

- Online LAN transfer from an R&S®EM100 to a PC and to the R&S®CA100 analysis software, for example, to operate an efficient small system for signal reception and analysis

- Recording of captured data using R&S®CA100; provision of data for documentation, replay or subsequent additional evaluation


Efficient operation via remote control

- Remote control of all receiver functions via LAN interface (SCPI command set in line with IEEE 488.2)

- LAN interface for providing the maximum measured data rate during receiver operation; efficient remote operation in unattended monitoring stations (interface essential, especially for system integrators who need to incorporate the receiver into existing software environments)


Convenient R&S®EM100-Control remote control software

- Short learning curve due to straightforward menu structure and simple operation

- Parameterization of displayed signals (depending on task), optimum display on screen

- Remote control of receiver via PC, recording of measured data on hard disk, and replay of data on PC for analysis purposes

- Expansion of remote control software functionality through options and add-ons from the R&S®RAMON software suite


DF functionality with R&S®EM100-DF upgrade kit

The R&S®EM100 supports DF functionality when upgraded with the R&S®EM100-DF upgrade kit. Using the patented Rohde & Schwarz single-channel correlative interferometer DF method (above 173 MHz), it provides DF accuracy and immunity to reflections comparable to that of direction finders with two or more receive paths. In the frequency range below 173 MHz, the Watson-Watt direction finding method is used. This method offers high DF accuracy even for small DF antennas. In combination with the R&S®EM100-DF upgrade kit, the R&S®EM100 becomes an accurate, compact and cost effective DF solution.


The R&S®EM100 is combined with R&S®ADD107 and R&S®ADD207 compact DF antennas to provide users with a wide direction finding frequency range from 20 MHz to 6 GHz. Both the R&S®ADD107 and R&S®ADD207 compact DF antennas come with an integrated GPS system and an electronic compass that can be used to display DF results on a map. When used with the R&S®ADD17XZ3 vehicle adapter with magnetic mount or the R&S®ADD17XZ6 wooden tripod, the solution allows quick and easy setup of DF stations and mobile direction finders.



Compact design and low power consumption

- Compact size and low weight for effective integration in small systems

- IP 67 weatherproof housing


Future-ready investment

- Wide frequency range and outstanding performance

- Capable of receiving and processing signals of current and future radio services




RF data

Frequency range     

base unit                                          9 kHz to 3.5 GHz

 with R&S®EM100-FE option          9 kHz to 7.5 GHz

RF input

Impedance                                       50 Ω


9 kHz to 30 MHz                              30 MHz lowpass filter

 20 MHz to 1.5 GHz                         tuned bandpass filters

 1.5 GHz to 7.5 GHz                         highpass/lowpass filter combination

IF data

IF spectrum display range               1 kHz to 10 MHz,

                                                         1/2/5/10/20/50/100/200/500 kHz,

                                                         1/2/5/10 MHz

Display modes                                 normal (clear/write), average, max. hold, min. hold

IF demodulation bandwidths            15 filters (specified values indicate 3 dB bandwidth)  150/300/600 Hz,

                                                         1.5/2.4/6/9/15/30/50/120/150/250/300/500 kHz

Demodulation modes         

all demodulation bandwidths            AM, FM, PULSE, I/Q

demodulation bandwidth ≤ 9 kHz            USB, CW

demodulation bandwidth ≤ 9 kHz            LSB

demodulation bandwidth ≤ 15 kHz          ISB

demodulation bandwidth ≤ 9 kHz            CW

Scan modes

Frequency scan (FScan)    

start and stop frequency, step width       user-selectable

            scan speed                                 up to 150 channels/s

Memory scan (MScan)       

memory locations                                  1024, user-programmable

            scan speed                                up to 150 channels/s

Panorama scan (PScan)     

start and stop frequency                        user-selectable

 resolution bandwidths (bin widths)       125/250/500/625 Hz,

                                                                1.25/2.5/3.125/6.25/12.5/25/50/100 kHz

scan speed (RBW = 100 kHz,

measurement time = 500 μs,

IF spectrum = normal, clear/write,

display mode = IF spectrum)                  up to 1.8 GHz/s

DF mode

Frequency range                                    20 MHz to 6 GHz

DF method   

20 MHz to 173 MHz                               Watson-Watt

 173 MHz to 6 GHz                                correlative interferometer

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