EnableReport: Network Analysis by Harris Corporation

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Harris Corporation
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Melbourne, FL 32919

Harris EnableReport, powered by Tait, delivers a clear, detailed analysis of P25 and DMR networks to help users optimize system performance. Issues are identified and resolved before critical communications can be threatened.


Optimized P25 and DMR Network Performance


EnableReport’s secure web-based monitoring interface is available whenever and wherever needed, and user access levels provide security for critical network information. Reports are customizable, and standard daily, weekly and monthly views are included so administrators can quickly examine data, talkgroups and fleet usage to pinpoint trends and optimize resources around periods of peak demand. Administrators can document Key Performance Indicators, and reports can automatically be distributed to stakeholders.


Key Benefits


Optimize system performance of P25 and DMR networks

Secure network access anytime, anywhere

Flexible and customizable

Maintain security with user access levels

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