ENGEREK 3+ Thermal Weapon Sight by Transvaro

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Transvaro AS
Dereboyu Cad. Çalışkan Sk. No:4
34303 Halkalı Küçükçekmece, İstanbul

ENGEREK 3+ Thermal Weapon Sight is manufactured utilising the latest low power uncooled IR camera technology. ENGEREK 3+ is a compact and lightweight military standard thermal sight designed specifically for medium-range surveillance and target engagement.


- Uncooled thermal sight for surveillance and weapon aiming

- Battery low indicator

- Auto and manual image optimization (gain, level, calibration, white/black hot)

- Electronic aiming mark selection and adjustment

- Weapon mounting options (Sort or medium range 5.56, 7.62 or 12.7 calibre weapons)

- x5 minimum optic magnification and additional x2 electronic zoom

- 4.5º ±%10 Objective Field of View

- Thermal Detector

- Other accessories include AC/DC power sources, carrying bag etc.




Video Output                        RS-170 (Optional) CCIR

Thermal Detector                 Uncooled Microbolometer, Vanadium Oxide

Spectral Responce               8-12µm

Array Format                         384x288

Pixel Size                              25 µm

Weight                                  1.7kg (Including batteries)

Battery Type                         6 x AA or rechargeable Nimh AA battery

Operating Temparature        30°C/+45°C

Storage Temparature           -45°C/+65°C

Vibration                               20-2000 Hz, 6g rms acceleration, all axis 5 minutes

Immersion                            1 meter  30 minutes duration

Thermal ShockFrom            -32°C to +23°C and +23°C to +65°C,  transfer time 2-3 min

Humidty%                             95

Operating Altitude                15000 ft

Defense Products & Services: ENGEREK 3+ Thermal Weapon Sight by Transvaro
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Description: ENGEREK 3+ Thermal Weapon Sight
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