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From Training Support to Integrated Training Systems


From the largest members of the fleet to the smallest, we offer training and simulation expertise for a variety of military aircraft. Our training contracts range from training equipment support to complete training programs, including integrated training systems comprising the full spectrum from ground school to full flight simulators and debriefing.


Many of our contracts for tanker/transport training have been active for years. We have operated and maintained the C-5 ATS for nearly 30 years, the KC-135 ATS for 18 years, the KC-10 ATS for 10 years, and the T-6 CLS for 20 years.  Likewise we’ve supported the innovative, FlightSchool XXI with approximately 50 simulators outside Ft. Rucker for 15 years.


FlightSafety Services Corporation


Our FlightSafety Services Corporation provides quality Total Training Systems, Training System Management and Integration, Training Delivery Services and Contractor Logistics Support to the U.S. Government, prime government contractors and commercial entities.


FlightSafety Services Corporation trains 10,000 to 14,000 student events annually and has been providing Aircrew Training Systems to the United States Air Force and its Air Reserve Forces since 1984. Our expertise in simulation technology coupled with a dedicated team of experienced instructors, technical staff, courseware developers, and simulator maintenance technicians support the delivery of quality military training. FlightSafety Services Corporation has operations at 15 U.S. military bases and provides military crew training, support for simulators, advanced-technology training devices and computer-based training workstations.

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