ERack is a lightweight, 19-inch ruggedised aluminium electronic transit rack, specifically designed for commercial and military applications when protection against physical, climatic and electromagnetic hazards are required, and where weight, strength and portability are critical issues.




- Incredibly lightweight.

- Innovative, patented, folded rim design instead of a welded or riveted extrusion.

- Increased sway space to facilitate up to 25mm of internal thermal insulation.

- Fully-rounded corners for friendlier handling.


ERack benefits from patented new technology. The external container has an innovative folded rim design, which eliminates the edge extrusion and makes the case stronger, lighter and more resistant to ingress by water and dust. The internal chassis frame is supported by special mounts which protect against shock. ERack is up to 30% lighter than other rack cases in its class.


ERack has access to the front and rear 19-inch chassis via precision manufactured interchangeable lids. Each lid is secured to the rack body by front mounted quarter turn latches (allowing front and rear access when stacked).


Positive location between lids and body is achieved by ERack’s unique male/female extrusions which incorporate a design copyright silicon seal giving all weather protection to IP65.


ERack’s unique 19-inch chassis design is constructed from aluminium alloycoated with Iridite Non-Chrome Passivation (NCP), delivering enhanced lightness and rigidity. The chassis is mounted on eight elastomeric mounts, fixed to the outer casing by robust anchor plates, which are focused towards the centre of mass of the case, ensuring the electronic equipment is protected against vibration and impact.


ERack’s suspended inner chassis can move up to 50mm independently of the outer container, and in any direction. An earthing / grounding strap is fitted to maintain conductivity between the equipment and the outer container.


Patented rim-fold

ERack’s innovative folded rim design eliminates edge extrusion and makes the case stronger, lighter and more resistant to ingress by water and dust.


Electromagnetic Compatibility and Interference shielding

By adding specially designed skirts and gaskets, combined with the innovative build process, ERack offers excellent EMC and EMI shielding characteristics, protecting against electromagnetic hazards as well as conventional risks.


Secure latches

ERack’s specially designed latches feature fully recessed lobe knobs sculpted for easy grip. The stainless steel latch spindles engage in sleeves located in the rack body, pre-aligning them as the lid is placed in position. Helical cams inside the sleeves draw the lid evenly to the body, providing optimum guaranteed seal compression, maintaining the structural integrity.


Storage pouches

Zipped pouches that can be secured in place in rack lids for the storage of cabling and leads are available. This is just one of many optional accessories, such as tamper-proof latches, support shelves, pressure relief valves and replacement handles, that allow ERack to be customised to fit the user’s requirements.


ERack Jacket

The perfect solution to protect your ERack from gouging, scratches and scuffs. ERack Jackets are made from texturised nylon and padded for easier handling meaning they are extremely hard wearing with a non-rip finish. They allow easy access to respective handles and openings making transportation of integrated equipment simple.

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