ERMOS Gyro Compass by Instro Precision

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Instro Precision Ltd
Hornet close, Pysons Road Industrial Estate
Broadstairs Kent CT10 2YD

- Dismounted Precision Targeting

- Forward Observer / JTAC indirect fire control

- Artillery fire control

- Mortar fire control

- Gun laying

- Special forces


ERMOS is a revolutionary new GYRO COMPASS module for Instro's range of Target Acquisition Systems.


Operated in conjunction with Instro's Thor goniometer, the gyro compass module is a self-contained detachable unit providing a highly accurate Azimuth Reference as part of Target Acquisition System deployment.


Optimised for use by dismounted forces where physical size and weight of equipment is a critical consideration, the ERMOS compass module is compact and can be held comfortably in the palm of a hand.


Solid state technology and a rugged all metal housing ensure long service life and reliability in the field.


The ERMOS gyro compass module features a Smart Interface for all electrical connections requiring only the execution of a simple procedure by the operator during deployment to provide an accurate azimuth heading relative to True North.




State of the art modular Non-Magnetic North Finding

Accurate azimuth reference after three minutes

Used in conjunction with Instro Target Acquisition Systems to establish accurate north reference

Easy to use software guided operation

Rugged and reliable, no moving parts

Smart interface, no cables or batteries required

Compact size, low weight

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