EXOFLEX Vest by BCB International

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- Independent movement of the pivoted harness gives enhanced user agility

- Consistent weight distribution through both shoulders

- Less muscle fatigue

- Improved load distribution

- Increased range of movement

- Better efficiency and speed in limited spaces

- Ability to remain active for longer

- Low profile

- Great for running, climbing or shouldering your weapon

- Quick Release

- Articulated shoulder straps sit on all types of shoulder shapes – angled or square. This position is maintained throughout movement

- Improved ergonomics with adjustment points at the midriff, upper torso and shoulders

- Internal pads space the armour away from the body for ventilation.

- Patented

- Level IIIA soft armour or other fillers available

- Level IV armour plates, up to 33cm (10.5”) x 26cm (13.25”), front and back

- High quality 1000 denier nylon fabric

- Ideal for use in a hot, dry environments, Special Forces


Pivoted Harness


Originally used in harnesses for draft animals. A whippletree balances the load, preventing it from loading alternately on each side.


Using the same principle over the shoulders, the ExoFlex achieves full and free movement independent from the vest.


Two lateral bridges are connected to the front and back portions of a vest via ‘primary pivots’ to enable a swivel movement.


The shoulder straps are then connected to the ends of each bridge via ‘secondary pivots’ thus allowing them to move independently while the lateral bridges are actively articulating.


Size                 S, M, L, XL

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