F5001 AN/PVS-7 Night Vision System by Harris Corporation

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Harris Corporation
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For more than 50 years, Harris Corporation has provided the military with premier vision-enhancing solutions. As the world’s leading manufacturer of Generation 3 (Gen 3) image intensifier technology, Harris continues to work hand-in-hand with customers to expand night vision and vision-enhancing capabilities, technologies, and resources. Harris also provides technical support, service, training, and maintenance for our products to maximize customer benefits and usability.


Lightweight tactical night vision goggles


Harris offers the popular F5001 night vision goggle with various accessory options - all designed to meet individual customer performance requirements.


Harris’ F5001 night vision goggles enable military ground forces to conduct critical missions during the darkest nights. Extremely lightweight, the F5001 has been human engineered for long-wearing comfort. It can be hand held, helmet mounted, or head-strap mounted for hands-free operation.


Key benefits


A quick-release lever to permit one handed attachment/detachment from helmet or head harness

An automatic highlight cutoff to protect the image intensifier

An “IR-on” indicator; and a low voltage indicator.

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Description: F5001 AN/PVS-7 Night Vision System
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