F-16C/D Cockpit Camera (CCAM) by Photo-Sonics

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The Photo-Sonics F-16C/D Cockpit Camera (CCAM) is a fully-qualified HUD camera for the F-16C/D aircraft.


P/N: 93-4300-503


This camera has excellent environmental characteristics and superb image quality with high reliability ( >22,000 MTBF). The camera is lightweight and designed around single-unit construction. It is easily installed and aligned in the aircraft in less than one hour. The camera incorporates extensive filtering to provide noise-free images using 115VAC, 400Hz, 3 phase aircraft power in accordance with MIL-STD-704A.


This camera will operate on both configurations of Wide-Angle Head-up Displays assemblies presently being used on the F-16C/D.


The camera assembly is mounted on the HUD in front of the combiner.  In this position, the camera records only the outside world.  The HUD symbology is electronically overlaid on the camera video in the HUD Electronic Unit. A precision periscope/lens assembly permits accurate boresighting with the aircraft computer resulting in minimal piper-to-target alignment errors, and camera coefficients are provided to ensure accurate alignment/calibration to the HUD.


The camera can replace either a one-, or two-piece HUD camera assembly.  If the camera is used in an aircraft configured to accept a two-piece camera, an interface cable must also be installed in the aircraft. This cable is not necessary for an aircraft configured for a single-piece HUD camera. The cable can be purchased from Photo-Sonics or a cable and tray from Lockheed.


· Photo-Sonics Interface Cable Assembly: 93-4338-29


· Lockheed Interface Cable and Tray Assembly: 3887-55942-01    


General Features     


115VAC, 400Hz, three phase, <5 watts

Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)

Visual event mark

Sensor: Interline-transfer hyper HAD CCD, 1/3"

Horizontal resolution:  NTSC - 470 TV lines

Picture elements:  NTSC - 768(h) x 494(v)

Luminance range:  1.8 Lux to 196,700 Lux

Field of view - 21.34 degrees x 16.4 degrees     

S/N ratio:  Camera Video - NTSC > -48dB

Gamma - 0.45

White balance - ATW

AGC: Automatic  0 to -36dB

Weight - < 1.5 lbs

MTBF:  >22,000 hours

Warranty:  18 to 24 months

Format:  NTSC         



EMI / EMC Tests to MIL-STD-461 / 462


RE102                        Radiated Emissions             2 MHz – 30 MHz / 30 MHz – 200 MHz / 200 MHz – 1 GHz /

                                                                                1 MHz – 18 GHz

RS103                        Radiated Susceptibility        30 MHz – 200 MHz / 200 MHz – 1 GHz / 1 GHz – 2 GHz /

                                                                               2 GHz – 4GHz / 4 GHz – 8 GHz / 8 GHz – 12 GHz / 12 GHz – 18 GHz

CE102                        Conducted Emissions         10 kHZ – 10 MHz

CS101                        Conducted Susceptibility     800 Hz – 50 kHz

CS114                        Conducted Susceptibility    10 kHZ – 400 MHz

CS115                        Conducted Susceptibility    (See CS115)

CS116                        Conducted Susceptibility    10 kHz – 100 MHz

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