Fiberscope LightFlex LED by Force Ware GmbH

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Force Ware GmbH
Arbachtalstr. 10
72800 Eningen

The LED endoscope is designed specifically for law enforcement. This is the only fiberscope with incorporated battery and LED lighting directly into the handle. There are no cables to connect, making it the easiest and fastest endoscope to use.



Up to 4 hours working time with the integral rechargeable battery or cigarette lighter adapter for use directly on the vehicle. The scope could be easily grounded and allows fast and safer inspection of tanks, doors, ventilation systems or other cavaties.



LightFlex standard Fiberscopes are supplied with Glass Fiber Image Guide, Glass Fiber Illumination, Tungsten Braid Insertion Tube Sheathing / non-conductive PU tube, Rubber Eyecup and are delivered in a System Carrying Case.




Article No.: 1190100

Defense Products & Services: Fiberscope LightFlex LED by Force Ware GmbH
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Description: Fiberscope LightFlex LED
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