Flexible Fuel Tanks for Naval Platforms by Merin

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Merin Srl
Loc. Monte Le Mole 15
00060 – Capena, Roma

M.E.RIN designs and produces flexible fuel tanks for below deck installations.


Flexible fuel tanks are particularly suitable for offshore boats and pleasure craft, as they guarantee easy maintenance and cleaning of the housing compartment.


M.E.RIN can assist OEMs during the design phase of new boats, and replace old aluminium or fibreglass fuel tanks with new flexible ones. The fuel tanks are supplied complete with all accessories and ready to install. Lastly, they can hold any type of fuel including the most aggressive containing 100% ethanol.

Defense Products & Services: Flexible Fuel Tanks for Naval Platforms by Merin
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Country: Italy
Description: Flexible Fuel Tanks for Naval Platforms
Source of Information: Merin Srl