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Astronautics Corporation of America
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Astronautics designs and produces an array of flight control products for many civil and military aircraft.  Beginning in the 1970s, Astronautics pioneered Autopilot Systems for Cessna, Beech, Piper, and Mooney aircraft, and then become a leader in helicopter Autopilot Systems. 


The flight controls work continues today with Astronautics and its subsidiary Kearfott Motion Systems Division producing the Yaw Stability System for MD Helicopter NOTAR helicopters, Pitch/Roll/Yaw Actuators for many Bell, Sikorsky, and other aircraft manufacturers, Flap Control Units for Gulfstream aircraft, and flight control actuation systems for missiles and UAV applications.  These flight control products can be standard products or can be custom designed to meet OEM and operator requirements.




Single or dual redundant systems

Single processor, dual processor, and dual channel/dual processor (Com/Mon)

Flight critical systems, Design Assurance Level A

Individual products or flight control systems




Flight control products are based on proven, widely fielded configurations

Existing products can be adapted to specific aircraft requirements

New products can be developed to meet OEM and Integrator specifications

Civil and military applications

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