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The demands of planning for global airlift, aerial refueling, AEW&C, special mission, and VIP transport require a unique flight planning solution that is quick and easy to use, accessible from anywhere, effective and reliable.


Our flight planning system leverages over 80 years of Jeppesen experience in the commercial and military markets.  The robust optimization engine and Jeppesen's comprehensive worldwide database are the trusted power behind the system.  Our PC-based program also provides a web-based access component with an easy-to-use graphical interface to the engine.




Full-function flight planning optimization solution




Easy to use

Robust optimizing

Military mission specific

Easily customized

Operational efficiency

Unmatched customer service

Ability to grow with your needs




Jeppesen provides both Basic and Advanced level training to our MilPlanner customers as part of our support package.  The exact number of classes per year varies based upon specific contractual agreements. 

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