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Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro is the industry's first, best and most reliable mobile airline charting application used by over 380 aviation organizations every day. Its data-driven, interactive maps and Jeppesen flight data can help your aviation operation climb to a new level of efficiency, with industry-leading features and benefits that include:


- Weather Layers, provided by The Weather Company, contribute to improved flight safety and operational efficiency by enabling flight deck crew to make better decisions based on better weather information depicted right on their enroute map.


- Background Delta Updates reduce cellular data transfer costs up to 80% by minimizing data volume and time needed to update mobile devices. Pilots optimize worktime as briefings are uninterrupted by background updates.


- In-App NOTAMs give your pilots access to state-sourced airport NOTAMs pertaining to the selected terminal chart or map. Easy-to-identify, category-based iconography and in-app filtering expedite existing briefing processes and support safer airline operations.


- SmartNotes cut through the clutter to intelligently deliver pertinent flight information based on chronological and geospatial data, and minimize pilot interactions with the mobile device.


- Airport Moving Maps improve pilot situational awareness during ground movements at airports through an ownship symbol depicted on detailed, dynamically rendered airport maps.


- Tailored Enroute allows you to supplement Jeppesen’s dynamic enroute data with your own operationally specific and relevant data.


- Aircraft Connectivity through the industry’s most popular Aircraft Interface Devices (AIDs) assures FliteDeck Pro users fully benefit from new EFB enhancements and accurate ownship depiction.



Backup Redundancies Minimize Risk of Flight Disruptions.


Benefit from our cloud-based network and web-based backup service assuring your pilots always have the navigational charts needed to keep your fleet moving safely.



World Class Customer Support – With You Every Step of the Way.


Our world class customer service representatives are at the ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist your airline operation with guidance and support, wherever and whenever needed.


Additional capabilities include:


- Aircraft Interface Device (AID) integration with Boeing ONS, Teledyne, CMC and Freeflight ADS-B

- Dynamic, data-driven maps in the airport and enroute phases

- Fast rendering capabilities

- Low storage-space requirements

- Import and interlace company charts with Jeppesen charts and access them from a single point


- Add pertinent charts to chart clip for easy reference

- Highlight, mark or add notes to charts and documents as needed

- Quickly import routes through a flight plan route integration

- Find enroute distances fast with a graphical in map ruler or automatically calculate off map position distance

- Tap route objects to display more information, or drag and drop to edit route.

- SID and STAR selector visually displays filtered procedures as they intersect with your route in a map overview

- Share route with the Jeppesen Aviator EFB

- Easily add user waypoints and alternative airports

- Support of VFR operations with VFR and cultural data layer*

- Render SIDs and STARs directly on the enroute map

- One-tap access to engine out charts

- Touch access runway information, such as heading, displaced threshold, lighting and TDZ elevation.

- Print paper back-ups of terminal charts on demand.

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