Flyer 72 Lightweight Tactical Vehicles by General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems

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When going off-road and staying off-road in rugged and extreme terrain across hybrid mission profiles is your goal, the Flyer 72 is the vehicle you need. The epitome of toughness, unsurpassed mobility and maneuverability, speed and capability, the Flyer 72 is a purpose-built military grade vehicle whose all-terrain capabilities have been tested, proven, and operationally deployed. With its unmatched payload capacity and configuration versatility, the Flyer 72 provides greater levels of mobility and capability to both special and conventional forces.


Configuration Versatility


The Flyer 72’s modular approach provides the warfighter with a rapid mission reconfiguration capability. The Flyer 72 can quickly be configured and reconfigured to perform multiple missions such as light strike assault, rescue and evacuation, command and control, and reconnaissance.


Flexible crew seating, easily reconfigured from 3 to 9 operators

High component commonality between all vehicle configurations

Common tubular space frame chassis

Common 2.0L GM DOHC BiTurbocharged JP8 engine

Common 5-point seat restraints

Common Rollover Protection System built to withstand vehicle weight


Unsurpassed Mobility and Transportability


Highly mobile over complex restrictive terrain

Mobility payload exceeding 5500 lbs with full performance

Cruising Range: 300 miles (483 km) at Mission Profile; 500 miles on flat ground at 40 mph (1,046 km)

Smooth ride for less crew fatigue

60% grade climb capability with 18” vertical step

Fording: 30″ no prep (76 cm)

Transportable by UH-60 sling load at 5200 lbs in a 9-crew configuration

Fully compliant with C/MH-47 Internal / sling transport and C-130 Low Velocity Air Drop


Dynamic Design and Performance


Seating: Up to 9 seats: 3 front, 2/4 rear, 2 rear-facing, 1 gunner seat, 5-point seat restraints. 6 seats under armor configuration

Top Speed: 95 mph (153 kph)

Chassis: Tubular space frame

Length: 182” (462 cm); 193” (490 cm) with pushbar and winch

Body Width: Chassis width 72” over all width at tire; 79.25” (201 cm) tire width; 85” (216 cm) with side cargo boxes

Height: 72.25” (184 cm) Adjustable

Curb Weight: 5200 lb. (2358 kg)

Payload: 5700 lb. (2585 kg)

Gross Vehicle Weight: 11,200 lb. (5080 kg)

Fuel Capacity: 26 gal. (98L)

Wheelbase: 126” (320 cm)


Unmatched Payload Capability


With a flexible payload capability ranging from 4500 to 7000 pounds, the Flyer 72 is the leader in payload capacity. The advanced lightweight chassis and suspension allows the Flyer 72 to negotiate severe terrain at high speeds, maintain stability and performance while carrying a maximum payload.


Interchangeable Weapon Options


The Flyer 72 is designed to handle an array of light to heavy firepower. The main weapon turret allows for 360 degrees of firepower protection up to a 30mm cannon. Door mounted arm-swings can be mounted to handle smaller caliber secondary crew-served weapons.

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