FM12 Mask for NATO operations

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The FM12 mask, initially developed for NATO operations, has already become the most widely adopted respirator across the world by numerous military and law enforcement organizations.

The FM12 was the first respirator in the world to achieve both the NIOSH CBRN Air Purifying Respirator Certification and the European CE Certification in identical configurations. Its unique blend of features makes it the ideal solution for those responding to incidents involving weapons of mass destruction, as well as for the full range of military operations

Its low profile is ideally suited to tactical situations where sighting of weapons or integration with other equipment is required. The lightweight face piece of the CBRN FM12 is designed to provide a high level of wearer comfort combined with very low breathing resistance.



Comfort Harness

  • 6 Buckle Fit
  • Excellent Seal
  • Quick donning and doffing



  • High flow fail safe drinking device
  • Connection to hydration systems 



  • Speech Horn for clear direct communication
  • Secondary Speech Transmitter (SST) to connect communications equipment



  • Side mounted filter mount
  • Left or right mounting for tactical specialists
  • 40mm standard NATO thread
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