Fuel Tank Self Sealing System BattleJacket® by Permali Gloucester

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The BattleJacket® Fuel Cell Containment System (FCCS) is a revolutionary technology designed to minimise or prevent leakage from fuel tanks when subjected to small-arms fire. Fuel tanks and containers are prone to targeting as the 'weak point' of a vehicle system, which can cause hazardous conditions for both troops transporting bulk fuel, and operational risks to military vehicles caused through loss of fuel from the platform's on board tank(s).



The BattleJacket® system is an elastomeric 'spray on' coating, which can be applied to both metallic and plastic surfaces. It is based on a specially formulated fire resistant urethane modified for military applications. Special super absorbent polymer beads are used as the basis of the self sealing mechanism, which are sprayed into the middle layer during the application process. These beads swell into a solid when exposed to fuel, acting in conjunction with the top and bottom urethane layers to tightly seal the entrance and exit holes created by a projectile.



The BattleJacket® system is operationally proven, having been extensively used by the US military on both large scale fuel tankers and smaller 'saddle tanks' on trucks and other vehicles. One fuel tanker had over 600 rounds shot into it without any loss of fuel or function. The number of rounds is known as the operator retrieved them from the fuel filter after the attack!



BattleJacket® works like a mechanical skin, healing itself within seconds of attack and sealing any entrance holes. The thickness of coating can be varied to meet specific ballistic threat levels and, by allowing projectiles to harmlessly penetrate the tank without loss of fuel, it can also prevent lethal ricochets. For penetrations that exceed the engineered threat level, and therefore do not self seal, a field patch repair kit, able to be applied in seconds, can be simply screwed into the coating and underlying tank, sealing the damage using the same absorbent bead technology. Zero training or knowledge of the system is required.

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