Fuel Tanks for Unmanned Aerial Systems by Merin

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Merin Srl
Loc. Monte Le Mole 15
00060 – Capena, Roma

Over the years, M.E.RIN has mainly specialized in the production of fuel tanks for ultralights (ULMs – Ultra-Léger Motorisé), UAVs (Unmanned aerial vehicles) and RUASs (Rotorcraft Unmanned Aerial Systems). Company's flexible custom-made fuel tanks with explosion suppressant and anti-slosh foam can be installed on all types of aircraft, from ultralights and UAVs, to helicopters and certified passenger planes.


Technical features


Nylon fabric with nitrile rubber coating

Tensile strength of the fuel tank wall

Tensile strength of the joints

Resistance to tearing

Perforation resistance

Resistance to dropping

Anti-explosion and impact/drop test

Ultralightweight materials

Resistance to stress caused by flight (anti-slosh)

Installation and maintenance processes are notably facilitated

Defense Products & Services: Fuel Tanks for Unmanned Aerial Systems by Merin
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Description: Fuel Tanks for Unmanned Aerial Systems
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