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The GROB G 520 is one of the world’s largest fully composite manned and unmanned aircraft, providing an ideal system platform for OPV/UAV applications (Optionally Piloted Vehicle). The flexible payload-bay concept of the G 520 can accommodate multiple mission systems for both civilian and military applications and operations with a minimum of integration and modification lead time.


Based on its proven airframe and systems reliability the G 520 mitigates development risks for future UAV and/or system developments. The G 520 is the cost efficient performance platform for the UAV and OPV requirements of the 21st century, both in the HALE and MALE performance/application sector.


Main features:


- Multi role, multi domain capabilities

- Persistent, actionable intelligence (Optical, IR, GMTI)

- Awareness in all theatres of operations

- Flexible role fit, highly configurable

- Wide area sensor coverage and improved sensor performance at high altitudes

- Reduced footprint, very low probability of intercept

- Lowest operational cost in class

- Integrates with latest state-of-the-art sensors from the best suppliers in their domain

- Future proof – easy to upgrade

- Long endurance, high altitude performance

- Short runway capabilities

- Reconfigurable payload installation

- Full approval for all-weather IFR/Icing operations acc. to EASA/FAA Part 23 regulations

- No airspace restrictions due to civil certification

- Full support by the aircraft OEM Fully integrated and interoperable digital cockpits and operator workstation



Aircraft specifically designed for MALE / HALE operation compared to converted airline aircraft


- Single engine configuration

- Low drag aerodynamics

- Single pilot operation



Less stringent CS-23/FAR-23 aircraft certification rules compared to large airplane CS-25 / FAR-25 rules



Outstanding structural concept of the aircraft allows sensor integration without touching primary structure with minimum effort in time and costs securing the value of the flying platform during quick electronic evolution






The G 520NG in its standard configuration already supplies superior storage capabilities in 13 bays accommodating payloads in all SWP factors


Cargo volume of 3.84 m3

Cargo weight of 1,145 kg

Additional 1.35 m3 pressurized cabin space for environmental sensitive mission equipment


The G 520NG was, like no other aircraft, specifically designed to operate as a surveillance platform, integrating all types of sensors, antennas and subsystems.

The structural concept is even allowing for fuselage extensions, offering the highest flexibility and versatility.

The G520 NG is the most capable ISR platform for todays and tomorrows requirements.




The operator console in the rear cockpit offers two large, high resolution 23” touch screen displays plus two foldable 12” side displays.

Mission planning, sensor controls, recording and relaying functions are fully integrated in an interoperable mission suite. The sensor operator can conveniently work with a full keyboard, hand controller units and a camera grip.

A state-of-the-art video switching, data recording and relaying system allows for maximum operational awareness and control.

Mission tasks, flight plans and communication can be shared with the front cockpit.






The rear cockpit can be alternatively configured in a dual role mode for platform training or multi pilot missions.

Whenever needed, the large top display can be folded down for an unobstructed view to the front and the keyboard can be securely stowed away.



Technical specifications:




Take off distance over 50 ft (MTOW, no wind, no slope)                                 670 m | 2,200 ft

Landing distance over 50 ft (MLW, no wind, no slope)                                    685 m | 2,250 ft

Time from MSL to 45,000 ft | 13.716 m (MTOW)                                            50 min




Max. take-off weight                                                                                        4,700 kg | 10,362 lb

Standard empty weight                                                                                    3,300 kg | 7,275 lb

Max. fuel capacity                                                                                            1,070 kg | 2,359 lb

Max. payload                                                                                                   1,145 kg | 2,524 lb




Pratt&Whitney Canada PT6A-67 engine                                                        MP 750 SHP

TBO                                                                                                 Adaptive Maintenance Program

Hartzell propeller, 4-blade                                                                             3,04 m diameter





Max certified operating altitude                                                                  13,716 m | 45,000 ft

Operating conditions                                               VFR / IFR day and night / flight into known icing conditions

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