Galeb G-4 training/light attack aircraft

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Super Galeb G-4 is a pilot friendly turbo jet aircraft, designed for basic to advanced pilot training and close air support missions.



Main characteristics

  • tandem seat low-wing single engine trainer/ground attack aircraft,
  • designed for modern basic/advanced training and close air support
  • high operational performance and maneuverability (inst. turn rate 27 0/s, sustained turn rate 17 0/s)
  • sustaining loadings +8 / -4.2 g
  • take off and landing performance suited for operation from short strips
  • high degree of safety is provided during the critical phases of take off and landing



A comprehensive range of communication and navigation equipment is available according to customer requirements.




“Kondor” VHF, “Mini Kobac” UHF, LFB-2M1 Intercom




VIR-30 VOR/ILS, 75R4 Marker beacon receiver, DME-40, AD-370 or Vark-01 ADF

CG-90 Gyro magnetic compass, AHV-6 Radar altimeter




  • comfortable and professional environment
  • neatly designed instrument panel and controls
  • forward down vision angle of 14 0
  • rear seat is elevated by 250 mm in respect to front seat
  • canopy consists of two independent sections
  • zero-zero ejection seats (type 10LB license Martin Baker)
  • ejection through the canopy, with each seat ejected independently




  • single Rolls-Royce Viper 643-46 turbojet engine
  • static thrust of 1780 daN at sea level
  • eight stage axial compressor
  • annular combustion chamber
  • two stage axial turbine
  • auxiliary devices: starter generator and hydraulic pumps
  • S.F.C. 0.99 kg/h/daN at max T-O thrust



Flight line servicing


-        1 man

-        20 minutes max


-        1 man

-        20 minutes


-        0.75 man hours

-        3 men, 15 minutes

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Description: Galeb G-4 training/light attack aircraft
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