GB130 Control Unit by Rohde & Schwarz

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Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG
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The R&S®GB130 is used for positioning antenna rotators in azimuth and elevation. It is equipped with an illuminated LCD for plain text display and a numeric keypad for data entry.


Positioning and data entry can also be remote-controlled via a controller interface (RS-232-C or RS-485). Optional control software is available for this purpose.


The control unit can be used, for instance, with the Antenna Rotator R&S®RD130 (azimuth positioning only).


Features & Benefits


Numeric keypad for direct data entry

LCD for plain text display

Manual or remote control possible

Suitable for wide AC power range

No maintenance required

No calibration required




Power supply                                  85 V to 264 V AC, 47 Hz to 63 Hz

Power consumption                        max. 300 VA

Operating mode                              manual or remote-control

Controller interfaces                        RS-232-C/RS-485

Power supply of rotator

Voltage                                             24 V DC

Power                                               max. 300 VA

Display accuracy                              0.1 °

MTBF                                                >10 000 h

Operating temperature range           0 °C to +50 °C

Dimensions (W × H × L)                   approx. 480 mm × 210 mm × 440 mm

Weight                                              approx. 6 kg

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Description: GB130 Control Unit
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