GB2000 Remote Control Unit by Rohde & Schwarz

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Remote Control Unit R&S®GB2000 enables the remote control of all transceivers of the R&S®XK2000 family. The use of R&S®GB2000 is recommended whenever detached operation – also over any distance – is required because of reasons of space or system layout (central control unit and radio equipmentare at different locations). An integrated,serial and bus-compatible interface affords point-to-point and addressable operation for up to 99 radios in a system. For more than 10 radios line drivers must be provided. At distancesless than 100 m (between R&S®GB... and R&S®XK...) a 3-core screened cable is sufficient.


As far as the front-panel layout and operating concept are concerned Remote Control Unit R&S®GB 2000 is identical with the local operationof Transceiver R&S®XK2100 and Receiver/­ Exciter R&S®GX2900. An optionalswivel adapter allows the operator to make adjustments for optimal viewing angle and ergonomic operation.


Features & Benefits


Layout and function of control and display elements are identical to the local front panel

Remote control of all functions (operation, programming and configuration)

Simultaneous connection of local (front panel) and remote unit (R&S®GB2000 or PC) possible

Remote control over any distance via telephone or directional radio-channels by means of line modems or VFT modems

Very good system flexibility due to easy configuration of various AF and PTT assignments, serial control ports, hardware or software actuation of PTT

Robust and splash-proof design, dustprotected front panel (IP 54 protection); rugged case (IP 42), optional IP 54 protection available on request

Remote operated ALE (to FED-STD-1045) operation

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