Gearbox Upgrade by David Brown Santasalo

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Using our extensive engineering expertise, David Brown Santasalo can provide gearbox overhaul services for any industrial brand, type and model to increase capacity and operating capability.


Why David Brown Santasalo?


Upgrading an older gearbox not only reduces the risk of failure, but can also deliver significant performance improvements. With our longstanding history and industry expertise, we are able to design and manufacture new, upgraded parts for any brand or model in any industry.


Our engineers are able to upgrade and re-engineer components to ISO standards.




Features & Benefits


Gearbox upgrades for any industrial gearbox

Increased process speed

Higher throughput

Improved capacity utilization

Establish root cause of failure and engineer performance improvements

Reworking older gearbox models to current and future standards

Improving industrial gearboxes to ensure they perform to new operating needs

Reconfiguration of your gearbox to engineer out any original design flaws

Gearbox upgrades to suit a change in your process, duty cycle or working environment

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Gearbox Upgrade

24.12.2018 / 06:00