GLARE LA-9/P Hail and Warning Laser by B E Meyers & Co

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For long-distance hail and warning, especially during maritime security, the GLARE® LA-9/P combines a powerful green beam with Eye Safe® technology. The laser rapidly determines if an unintended observer is within the nominal ocular hazard distance (NOHD) and immediately shuts off the glaring output to prevent accidental eye injury. Once the bystander has moved out of the NOHD, the laser output instantly resumes.


LARE LA-9/P (NSN 5860-01-544-7175)  has been replaced by the LA-22/U (NSN 5860-01-657-3893)  for the USMC Ocular Interruption System (OIS) Program.


Warnings can be sent out to 4 km at night and 1.5 km during daylight. Offensive glaring is achievable out to 500m to hinder and prevent further aggression. In theater, GLARE lasers have been proven to save lives of both civilians and soldiers by providing a rapid warning method across cultural and linguistic boundaries.


Technical specifications


NATIONAL STOCK NUMBER                      5860-01-544-7175

MAX OUTPUT                                              250 MW

POWER SUPPLY OPTION                          AA AND CR123

EYE SAFE                                                    YES

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