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Harris Corporation
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The Global Positioning System (GPS) has changed our world, providing instantaneous directions and easy-to-use electronic maps for users everywhere. Harris payloads and components have been on board every U.S. GPS satellite—more than 70 missions since the 1970s.


100 Percent Mission Success


More than 800 years of cumulative on-orbit operations

More than 40 years of experience developing GPS technologies




Today, Harris is involved in GPS modernization initiatives. We are building tomorrow's GPS III satellite constellation by developing and integrating advanced navigation and timing payload technologies. We will improve positioning, navigation, and timing services, while utilizing our advanced anti-jam capabilities. This next generation of GPS will provide superior system security, greater accuracy, and even better reliability for military and civilian users worldwide. Harris is developing and integrating the navigation payloads for eight GPS IIIA satellites.


Three times more accurate than current GPS

Eight times improved anti-jamming capabilities

Enhanced performance from a boost in transmitter power

Command and control for simultaneous updates to the entire constellation of satellites from a single ground station

Operational for 15 years and beyond—25% longer than Block IIF satellites




Harris developed payloads for the Air Force's operational Block I, II, IIA, and Block IIR replacement payloads. The Block IIR/IIR-M Total Navigation Payload was designed to meet the rigors of space and operate in a radiation contaminated environment, currently it provides precise three-dimensional position, time, and velocity information on a 24-hour worldwide basis.

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