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The R&S®GPS129 consists of a GPS receiver and a satellite-controlled clock together with a power supply unit, all installed in a metal 19" rackmount and ready to operate. It is available with AC or DC power supply. The interfaces and input/output signals provided by the R&S®GPS129 are accessible via connectors on the rear panel.


The global positioning system (GPS) is a satellite-based radio positioning, navigation, and time transfer system. GPS is based on accurately measuring the propagation time of signals transmitted from satellites to the receiver.


The R&S®GPS129 has been developed for applications where conventional radio-controlled clocks cannot meet the growing precision requirements. High precision available 24 hours a day around the world is the main feature of this unit which receives its information from the satellites of the global positioning system.


Key Facts


The GPS Receiver R&S®GPS129 has been designed to provide the user with extremely precise time and position data. When it comes to direction finding and location of radio emitters, the exact position of the DF antenna must be known in order to calculate the target location from the bearings and location of two or more direction finders. The R&S®GPS129 provides GPS-based position information via the serial interface.


In addition, the R&S®GPS129 offers high-accuracy 2.048 MHz and 10 MHz frequency outputs to increase the frequency accuracy of receivers if the receiver is fitted with a frequency reference input.


Features & Benefits


- GPS receiver and reference frequency generator combined in a single unit

- High precision due to GPS-based operation

- Compact design: 19" rackmount with a height of just 1 unit for integration into system racks

- Suitable for stationary, transportable and mobile applications

- Available with AC or DC power supply

- Remote-controlled operation for optimum integration into monitoring systems, especially - Spectrum Monitoring and Management System R&S®ARGUS-IT or Coverage Measurement System R&S®ARGUS-FMTV.





Receiver                                6 channel C/A code receiver with external antenna/converter unit

Antenna                                 antenna/converter unit with remote power supply

Time to synchronization        ≤ 2 minutes                          with known receiver position and valid almanac

                                              ≤ 12 minutes                        cold boot

Pulse outputs                        every second on the second (P_SEC, TTL level)

                                              every minute on the minute (P_MIN, TTL level)

Pulse accuracy                     better than ±250 ns              after synchronization and 20 minutes of operation

                                              better than ±2 µs                  during the first 20 minutes of operation

Frequency accuracy             ±1×10-10                              with GPS-synchronous operation and 2 hours of operation

                                             ±1×10-12                              with GPS-synchronous operation, averaged over 24 h

                                             ±5×10-10                              1 day, free running

                                             ±1×10-7                                1 year, free running

Short-term stability               <5×10-12                              Allen Variance (1s, 10s)

SSB phase noise                  -100 dB/Hz                          1 Hz beside carrier

                                             -130 dB/Hz                          10 Hz beside carrier

                                             -145 dB/Hz                          100 Hz beside carrier

                                             -155 dB/Hz                          1 to 10 kHz beside carrier



COM0                        9-pin D-Sub connector, serial RS-232-C interface (default setting: 19200, 8N1)

COM1                        9-pin D-Sub connector, serial RS-232-C interface (default setting: 9600, 8N1)


PULSE OUTPUT      9-pin D-Sub connector providing TTL inputs for storing time stamps and TTL outputs

                                  with pulses every second on the second or every minute on the minute

2.048 MHz                 BNC jack, 2.048 MHz reference frequency, 3.0 V pp into 50 Ω

2.048 MHz

SWITCHED               BNC jack, 2.048 MHz reference frequency, 3.0 V pp into 25 Ω, switched on when

                                  the specified accuracy has been reached

10 MHz                      BNC jack, 10 MHz reference frequency, 3.0 V pp into 50 Ω

10 MHz SWITCHED  BNC jack, 10 MHz reference frequency, 3.0 V pp into 25 Ω, switched on when

                                  the specified accuracy has been reached

ANTENNA                  N jack, RF input (GPS antenna/converter unit)

Power supply input    model 02: mains connector, 100 V to 240 V AC

                                  model 04: DC connector, 19 V to 35 V DC


General Data

EMC                          meets EMC directive of EU (89/336/EEC) and German EMC law

Quality standard       developed and manufactured in compliance with ISO 9000

Power supply            model 02: 100 V to 240 V AC, 50 to 60 Hz, 20 VA

                                 model 04: 19 V to 35 V DC, 2 A max./20 W


(W × H × D)              19" rackmount

                                 1 HU - 483 mm x 44 mm x 345 mm

Weight                      3 kg

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