H3441 Headset Behind-the-Head Single-Ear Style by David Clark Company

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United States of America

David Clark Company
360 Franklin Street
Worcester, MA 01604

Series 3400 Headsets are designed to provide crisp, clear communications and effective hearing protection in highnoise environments. They are engineered to be compatible with David Clark Series 3100, 3400 and 3800 Intercom Systems and Series 3000 Mobile Radio Adapters.


The Model H3441 is a single-ear, behind-the-head style headset capable of affording comfort and communication clarity over long periods of time, and designed for use under protective head gear. It utilizes the M7-A electret, noisecancelling microphone, delivering excellent speech intelligibility.


The H3441 includes one ear slotted dome without earphone for hearing ambient sound. The other ear cup is noiseattenuating, providing clear isolated reception of the connected parties by either intercom or radio. A microphone on/off switch is also included.


Durable construction and quality components are found throughout the Series 3400 headsets, with enhanced comfort features for exceptional comfort in any temperature or environmental conditions. David Clark created the world’s first noise attenuating communication headsets, and continue to lead the world in delivering quality communication tools.




Crisp, clear communication in demanding environments

Single-ear, behind-the-head style (for use under fire helmets, hard-hats or other protective head gear)

Provides isolated reception and exceptional speech intelligibility

Made in the USA; Rugged and reliable

M7-A electret, noise-canceling microphone

Microphone on/off switch on ear cup

Patented hybrid, wire-flex boom assembly, 280° rotational, for perfect microphone placement on left or right side

Dynamic earphone element

Reversible headband spring assembly allows positioning of microphone boom on left or right side

Adjustable overhead support assembly for custom fit

Undercut, ‘Comfort Gel’ ear seals cradle the ears to provide superior comfort

No NRR (single-ear)

6 ft. extended coil cord

Carbon steel nape-band spring, black finish, rotates for left or right side mic positioning

Slotted dome with no earphone for hearing ambient sound


Technical specifications


Weight                                              15.2oz./431g

Comm Cord                                      6' extended coil cord, with ¼” stereo plug

Certified NRR (3rd party)                  N/A (single-ear)

Dome Type                                       Recessed, ABS composite

Hardware                                          Carbon steel, black finish

Ear Impedance                                 300Ω

Ear Sensitivity                                   90dB SPL re 1mW @ 1kHz

Ear Freq Response                           200-5,500 Hz

Mic Impedance                                 150Ω nominal

Mic Sensitivity                                   400mV+/-6dB into 150Ω load @ 1kHz for 114 dB SPL input

Mic Freq Response                           300-3,500 Hz

Mic DC Supply V., Source Resistance          8-16V, 470Ω, not polarity sensitive

Microphone Control                           On/off switch, SPDT

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