HERMES-A Guided Weapon System

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The Hermes guided weapon system with a semi-active laser seeker is designed to destroy day and night armored materiel, engineer installations and fortifications, and engage low-speed air targets. The basic element of the system is the Hermes supersonic modular guided missile.


The bi-caliber guided missile is equipped with a fallaway booster stage and a powerful high-explosive (HE) fragmentation warhead as part of the sustainer stage. The guided missile control system performs combined functions: at the missile initial- and medium-leg to target (positioning of missile to target area) – inertial and at the final-leg to target – laser semiactive seeker starts operating.


It incorporates:

stabilized, day-and-night optronic system with a two-channel laser target designator

two-channel target auto-tracker interfaced with the optronic system

fire control system that includes computer hardware, consoles and controls, displays and documentation and data communication equipment.

Max range of fire, km



Control system:

initial- and medium-leg to target inertial

final-leg to target target-seeking


Max airspeed, m/s



Average airspeed for 15 km, m/s



Weight, kg:

warhead at least 28


GM launch tube

110, max


Warhead HE    -    fragmentation


Missile stage diameter, mm

booster 170

sustainer 130


Length of launch tube with missile loaded, mm

3,500, max

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