HF918 Antenna by Rohde & Schwarz

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For sensitive monitoring applications

The R&S®HF918 high-gain SHF antenna provides broadband transmission and reception in the frequency range 800 MHz to 18 GHz.


Outstanding power rating and matching (VSWR) also allow its use in transmission applications.


The sturdy design as well as the low weight of this antenna ensure easy handling and make it ideal for use in monitoring applications under severe outdoor conditions.


The high gain of up to 18 GHz allows the reception and analysis of small signals.


The shape of the radome as well as the materials used not only ensure RF transparency but also increase the gain. Furthermore the antenna withstands the most adverse environmental conditions regarding temperature and mechanical stress.


Features & Benefits


Wide frequency range

Suitable for susceptibility and emission measurements

Stable radiation patterns over frequency range

Very low cross polarization

Compact size, low weight

Outstanding power rating up to 18 GHz





Frequency range                             800 MHz to 18 GHz

Polarization                                      linear

Input impedance                              50 Ω

VSWR                                              typ. < 2

Permissible input power                  300 W CW to 100 W CW

Connector                                        N female

Operating temperature range          –30 °C to +55 °C

MTBF                                              >150 000 h

Dimensions (diameter × height)      approx. 41 cm × 30 cm

Weight                                             approx. 5.5 kg

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HF918 Antenna

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