HL024S8 Crossed Log-Periodic Antennas by Rohde & Schwarz

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Log-periodic directional antenna consisting of R&S®HL024A1 and two broadband preamplifiers for horizontal and vertical polarization

The directional R&S®HL024S8 consists of the Crossed Log-Periodic Antenna R&S®HL024A1 and two broadband preamplifiers. It is suitable for the reception of linearly polarized waves.


Connectors are provided for simultaneous use of both polarization planes.


The preamplifiers can be optionally switched on. They prevent a significant reduction in S/N due to loss in RF cables connecting, for instance, the antenna to a receiver.


The antenna can also be used as a feed for the SHF Directional Antenna Systems R&S®AC090 to R&S®AC300.


Features & Benefits


Wide frequency range

Selectable broadband preamplifiers

Simultaneous connection of both polarization planes

No reduction in S/N due to the use of a low-noise amplifier at the antenna output

Can be used as a feed for the SHF Directional Antenna Systems R&S®AC090 to R&S®AC300




Frequency range                                                     1 to 18 GHz

Polarization                                                              horizontal and vertical (simultaneously)

Input impedance                                                      50 Ω

VSWR                                                                     < 2.5

Gain (without preamplifier)                                      >6  dBi

Noise figure                                                             ≤3  dB

Gain (active network - can be switched on             26 dB ±2  dB

1 dB compression point                                          approx. +8  dBm

Power supply                                                          +15  V DC (max. 0.7  A)

Connector                                                               2 x SMA female

Control connector                                                   10-contact, round, male

MTBF                                                                      > 55 .000 h

Operating temperature range                                  -30 °C to +55 °C

Dimensions (diameter x height)  

With radome                                                            approx. 210 mm x 390 mm

Weigh                                                                      approx. 1  kg


Recommended extras

(not required for use in systems R&S®AC090 to R&S®AC300)


Control Unit R&S®GB016

Control Cable, 10 m, R&S®GB016Z1

Microwave Cable, 5 m, R&S®AC008W2

Microwave Cable, 10 m, R&S®AC008W2

Adapter R&S®HL025Z1 for R&S®HZ-1

Wooden Tripod R&S®HZ-1

Defense Products & Services: HL024S8 Crossed Log-Periodic Antennas by Rohde & Schwarz
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