HL050 Log-Periodic Antennas by Rohde & Schwarz

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Log-periodic directional antennas for linear polarization

Due to its broadband characteristics, the Log-Periodic Antenna R&S®HL050 is particularly suitable for radiomonitoring and measurements.


When used as a feed in reflector antennas, the antenna offers optimum secondary radiation characteristics due to its almost rotation-symmetrical radiation pattern.


The R&S®HL050 can be used as a separate antenna or as a feed for the Microwave Directional Antenna R&S®AC008.


The R&S®HL050S1 is of identical design and used as a feed for the SHF Directional Antenna Systems R&S®AC090 to R&S®AC300.


Features & Benefits


Extremely wide frequency range

Rotation-symmetrical radiation patterns

High gain due to V-shaped configuration of antenna elements

Ideal for use as a feed for Microwave Directional Antenna R&S®AC008 and SHF Directional Antenna Systems R&S®AC090 to R&S®AC300




Frequency range                             850 MHz to 26.5 GHz

Polarization                                      linear

Input impedance                              50 Ω

VSWR                                              ≤2.5

Max. input power                             10 W to 2 W

Gain                                                  typ. 8.5 dBi

Connector                                         PC 3.5 female

MTBF                                                >100 000 h

Operating temperature range           –30 °C to +55 °C

Max. wind speed                               180 km/h

Dimensions (diameter × height)        approx. 210 mm × 300 mm

Weight                                               approx. 0.7 kg


Recommended extras

Microwave Cable R&S®AC008W2

Wooden Tripod R&S®HZ-1

Adapter R&S®HL025Z1 for R&S®HZ-1

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