HL471 Log-Periodic HF Antenna by Rohde & Schwarz

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Transmission and reception of horizontally polarized waves over medium to long distances

The compact, rotatable HF Antenna R&S®HL471 can be used for transmission and reception of horizontally polarized waves.


Due to a transmission frequency range from 7 MHz to 30 MHz, the antenna is particularly suitable for communication over long distances. Reception is possible from 5 MHz so that all distances can be covered.


The antenna has been optimized for small dimensions, low weight and little maintenance.


Features & Benefits


Reception from 5 MHz

Transmission from 7 MHz

Extremely small dimensions

Low weight

Easy and quick assembly

Little maintenance required

Suitable for roof mounting




Frequency range

Reception                                         5 MHz to 30 MHz

Transmission                                    7 MHz to 30 MHz

Polarization                                       linear/horizontal

Input impedance                               50 Ω

VSWR                                               ≤2

Max. input power                              1 kW CW/2 kW PEP

Gain (on 15 m mast)

7 MHz to 8 MHz                                0 dBi to 6 dBi

8 MHz to 30 MHz                              6 dBi to 12.5 dBi

Max. wind speed                              180 km/h (without ice deposit)

Connector                                         N male

MTBF                                                >100 000 h

Operating temperature range            –30 °C to +50 °C

Dimensions of antenna array

Length                                                approx. 8.8 m

Width                                                  approx. 11 m

Weight of antenna array                     approx. 100 kg


Recommended extras

Antenna Rotator R&S®RD130


Control Unit R&S®GB130

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