HL562E ULTRALOG Antenna by Rohde & Schwarz

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Ultra-broadband antenna for EMI and EMS applications

The ULTRALOG Antenna R&S®HL562E is used for measuring emissions as well as for EMS purposes in the broad frequency range from 30 MHz to 6000 MHz. Measurement times are considerably reduced since changing antennas is not necessary.


Symmetry and matching (VSWR) of the R&S®HL562E allow its use in EMS measurements where field strengths of 10 V/m or higher are required.


The R&S®HL562E combines the characteristics of a biconical and a log-periodic antenna. The log-periodic part of the antenna is V-shaped in order to increase the system sensitivity in particular above 1 GHz. This measure does not only increase antenna gain but is the reason for the radiation pattern in H-plane being almost rotationally symmetrical to the one for the E-plane.


The ULTRALOG is supplied without a tripod; the tripod shown is available as an extra. For use with the R&S®HL562Z1 tripod, an RF cable with a 90° angle connector is required.


Features & Benefits


Extremely wide frequency range from 30 MHz to 6000 MHz

Suitable for susceptibility and emission measurements

No change of antenna throughout the whole frequency range

Radiation patterns in E and H-plane almost rotationally symmetrical (in frequency range from about 200 MHz to 6000 MHz)

Stable radiation patterns over frequency range ensure optimum illumination of EUT

Compact size, low weight

High gain, low antenna factor

Ease of handling

Movable tripod optionally available




Frequency range                  30 MHz to 6000 MHz

Polarization                           linear

Cross polarization                 < -20 dB

Nominal impedance              50 Ω

VSWR                                    typ. 2

Gain above 200 MHz             typ. 8 dBi

Max. input power

30 MHz                                  225 W CW

80 MHz                                  900 W CW

250 MHz                                750 W CW

1 GHz                                    420 W CW

3 GHz                                     270 W CW

6 GHz                                    150 W CW

RF connector                         N female

MTBF                                     > 200 000 h

Class of application               laboratory, anechoic chamber,

                                              outside use up to 20 km/h wind speed

Operating temperature range       +5 °C to +40 °C


Width                                     approx. 0.57 m

Height                                    approx. 1.43 m

Length                                   approx. 1.65 m

Weight                                   approx. 5 kg

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