Hotrod Improved Disruptor

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As a powerful Improved Disruptor, Hotrod builds on the established foundations of the Pigstick platform to defeat larger and hard-cased Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), such as those housed in suitcases and similar sized packages. Now used widely by the UK MoD and bomb disposal teams around the world, Hotrod has consistently proven to be a reliable method of disruption.

Product Capabilities


  • Manual multi-shot device capable of multiple firings
  • Requires minimal training and maintenance
  • Can be deployed using an optional lightweight stand or by mounting to a Remotely Operated Vehicle for enhanced operator flexibility
  • Simple preparation can also be carried out remotely to enhance operator safety

Product Specifications


  • Constructed from precision-manufactured corrosion resistant materials developed in accordance with ABP’s IS09001 quality approval system
  • Flaw detected and proofed during manufacture
  • Supplied as a complete kit housed in a robust, valise-style holdall designed to secure all parts
  • Length: 485mm, main body diameter: 50mm, rear body diameter: 65mm, weight 3.5kg
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Description: Hotrod Improved Disruptor
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AB Precision (Poole) Ltd