HX002H1 150 W HF Dipole Antenna by Rohde & Schwarz

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Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG
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HF dipole antenna for use in stationary applications

The HF Dipole R&S®HX002H1 is suitable for setting up radio links over any distance. In particular, the optimized omnidirectional coverage ensures high transmission reliability over short and medium distances.


R&S®HX002H1 can be operated together with the 150 W HF transceivers out of the SERIES 4100 family. The extremely fast setting time of R&S®HX002H1 allows frequency hopping operation in line with R&S®SECOM-H.


The antenna enables silent tuning across the entire 1.5 MHz to 30 MHz frequency range. For this, the integrated tuning unit must first learn the correct tuning settings for the antenna in a user-defined frequency range. Thereafter the antenna achieves tuning times of <5 ms.


Particular attention was paid to obtaining an effective lightning protection. The ATU is fully arc-protected against direct lightning strokes. It is tested to withstand arcs of 10 kV/10 kA.


Features & Benefits


Omnidirectional coverage with high-angle radiation

No skip zone

Single mast installation, no ground plane required

Integrated tuning unit, capable of R&S®SECOM-H frequency hopping

Power handling 150 W PEP, 100 W CW at 100% duty cycle

Silent tuning over the full HF frequency range from 1.5 MHz to 30 MHz

Low probability of intercept (LPI)



Frequency Range                                                    1.5 MHz to 30 MHz

Polarization                                                              linear , horizontal

Max. Input power                                                     150 WPEP / 100 WCW

Input Impedance                                                      50 Ohm, VSWR < 1.5 (typ. 1.3)

Gain (5m above perfectly conducting ground)        -12 dBi to 8 dBi (typ.)

Tuning Time

First-time tuning                                                       typ. 1.5 s (max. 4 s)

Repeated tuning                                                       typ. < 0.2 s

Silent tuning                                                              < 5 ms

RF Tuning Power                                                      30 W ± 1 dB

Frequency Hopping Capability                                  in line with R&S®SECOM-H

Electrical Connectors          

RF connector                                                             N-type female

Control interface                                                       optical control interface (LWL), in line with MIL-T-29504/4/5)

Voltage supply                                                          via RF cable (inner conductor)

Overvoltage Protection (control interface)                lightning and overvoltage protection in line with VG 96 903

Maximum Distances            ATU to transceiver       L 50 m

MTBF                                                                       14.600 h in line with MIL-HDBK-217E

Dimensions                                                              dipole length 10.7 m

Weight                                                                      approx. 43 kg

Permissible wind speed     

without ice accretion                                                250 km/h

with 20mm ice accretion                                          130 km/h


Recommended extras


ATU control cable (LWL) (length 25m)   R&S®GK4102


ATU control cable (LWL) (length 50m)   R&S®GK4102

Defense Products & Services: HX002H1 150 W HF Dipole Antenna by Rohde & Schwarz
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