ICMOS Analog Intensified Camera by Photonis

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Powered by PHOTONIS’ Image Intensifier coupled to a wide dynamic range CMOS sensor, the ICMOS provides real-time imaging capabilities in overcast starlight to low light. Its small size, weight and power (SWaP) make this camera module ideal for integration into aerial, mobile and hand-held surveillance systems.


The ICMOS analog camera is a low light level video unit based on Photonis image intensifier tube equipped with a wide dynamic range CMOS sensor The unit integrates the high voltage power supply for the intensifier tube and the readout electronics for the CMOS sensor. Video data is provided through two wires in PAL/NTSC format and power is applied using two alternative wires.



ICMOS stands for Intensified CMOS and is a coupling of an image intensifier tube with a CMOS sensor. The advantage is that the direct view image intensifier tube becomes a digital solution. The coupling provide the benefits of a high performance image quality, gained by the image intensifier tube and all the benefits of a digital low light camera such as recording, saving and sharing videos.


Even better performances will be obtained with large pixels and a high dynamic sensor. The image intensifier tube and the CMOS-sensor will directly be coupled on to each other, so there is no taper needed. The ICMOS is a night vision device that cannot be used during the day. All Photonis image intensifier tubes and any kind of sensor can be coupled under the ICMOS technology.




Fully automatic analog Night vision camera core

Compliant with all Photonis I² tube

Compact and lightweight for better integration


Technical information






Sensor technology

High Dynamic 140 dB

Sensor resolution

768 x 576

Input active area

11.5 x 8.64

Frame rate

Up to 30 fps full resolution

Shutter mode

Rolling Shutter

Pixel size

15 µm

Gain control

Automatic Gain Control

Video output

Analog PAL or NTSC

Input Voltage 


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