IGLA-S Guided Missile

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The Igla-S air-to-air guided missile equipped with a passive two-band IR seeker is designed to destroy day and night aircraft and helicopters as well as low-altitude and stealth targets of the cruise missile types and remotely piloted vehicles head-on and in pursuit at ranges of up to 6.0 km with a heat probability of 0.8 to 0.9.


High effectiveness of the missile is provided due to the proximity fuze and upgraded warhead, which allow destruction of the target not only in case of a direct hit, but also in case of near-miss. The heat seeker provides reliable selection of a target in the electronic countermeasures environment (heat flares).

Target engagement range, m up to



Altitude of targets engaged, m

10 to 3,500


Airspeed of targets engaged, m/s

head-on up to 400

in pursuit up to 320


Type of optical seeker two-spectrum,



Type of warhead HE, impact-delay action,



Weight of missile/warhead, kg

11.7 / 2.5


Into-action time not more than



‘Fire-and-forget’ principle provided


Missile length, mm



Missile calibre, mm


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Source of Information: Rosoboronexport Joint Stock Company