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The R&S®IN600 Bias Unit is used to supply power to active receiving antennas that are powered via the coaxial cable of their RF output.


The antenna supply voltage is fed to the inner conductor of the coax cable by means of a broadband Bias Tee. This Bias Tee ensures minimum insertion loss and best attenuation of noise as well as unwanted signals to the receiver input.


In total four different models of R&S®IN600 are available in order to address all possible applications. They are differentiated by their number of possible antenna connections and their supply voltage specification.


AC models are targeted at stationary use where mains supply is available. DC models can be supplied by a DC battery, which allows also vehicular use.


The typical application for a model with two Bias Tees is either the R&S®HE016 Active Antenna System or any other system where more than one active antenna from the Rohde & Schwarz portfolio is involved.


Features & Benefits


Extremely wide frequency range

DC and AC models available – both featuring a very wide input voltage range

Supply of a single antenna or two antennas depending on model

Short-circuit proof (optical short circuit warning indication)

Rack mounting or desktop use possible

Suitable for vehicle installation




Frequency range                               9 kHz to 8 GHz

Input impedance                               50 Ω

VSWR                                               ≤2.5 (typ. < 2.0 above 20 kHz)

Insertion lossS21                              ≤2.5 dB (typ. < 1.5 dB above 20 kHz)

Max. power at antenna input            +20 dBm

Power supply

  AC supply (only models .11 , .12)           100 V to 240 V, 50 Hz to 60 Hz / 400 Hz, 50 VA

  DC supply (only models .12 , .22)           10 V to 32 V, max. 4 A

  Output voltage (antenna connector)        24 V DC ±1 V

  Max. current (each antenna connector)  500 mA

Connectors                                       N-female

MTBF                                                >75 000 h

Operating temperature range           0 °C to +50 °C

Dimensions (W × H × D)                   approx. 250 mm × 65 mm × 400 mm (1/2 19", 1 HU)

Weight                                               approx. 3 kg

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Description: IN600 Bias Unit
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IN600 Bias Unit

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