Internal Security Vehicle Guardian M-RAV by Jankel Armouring

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The Guardian offers protection and capabilities in excess of other vehicles currently used by Law Enforcement Agencies in such roles, whilst still maintaining a discreet appearance. The Guardian has been conceived and designed as a multi role armoured 4x4 vehicle, to fulfil a number of operations roles including:


- High readiness fire-arms support and patrol vehicle

- Hostage negotiation

- High threat containment vehicle

- High threat area control and patrol vehicle (airport control)

- Public order / riot control vehicle (when fitted with the modular Riot Protection System [MRPS])

- Overt Observation Post (OP)

- Overt Sniper Position

- Counter Terrorist (CT) and hostage rescue intervention vehicle (when fitted with elements of the Reactive Intervention System [RIS])

- High threat emergency evacuation vehicle

- High risk (Cat 'A') prisoner conveyance vehicle (when fitted with the prisoner handling cage)

Defense Products & Services: Internal Security Vehicle Guardian M-RAV by Jankel Armouring
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Description: Internal Security Vehicle Guardian M-RAV
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