IPC41114 Rack Mount Server by Systel Inc

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Systel Inc
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The IPC4114 1U rack mount server provides a compact and versatile 1U server platform offering high reliability. Intel or AMD processor based architecture provides the highest performance available. The IPC4114 1U server is an extreme duty system designed for military operations, oilfield services, and a multitude of other rugged industrial applications. With a compact design that saves space and weight, the IPC4114 1U server offers great value and performance without the associated high cost. Custom integration and testing are available for dock-to-stock solutions.




1U Rugged Rack Mount Server – 19” Depth

Latest Intel or AMD Processor

Accepts Standard or Extended ATX Motherboard – 1 Slot Riser

(2) x Hot Swap Removable 3.5” HDD/SSD





DC Power Supply

Rack Mount Slide Assemblies

Riser Card PCI, PCIe, PCI-X Configuration

Rear Cable Management System

Custom Color and Logo

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