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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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The ISO-Capsule is designed for temporary isolation of a person through to be contaminated by infectious diseases or biological or chemical incidents, while transporting/transferring them to hospital or an ICU (infection control unit) The ISO-Capsule incorporates a combination of HEPA/Organic vapour air filters and a PAPR (powered Air Purifying Respirator), creating a negative pressure environment. As a result, a contaminated patient can be confidently transported with a significantly reduced risk of contaminating:

 - The first responder, medical staff or transportation vehicles

 - The surrounding environment




Upper section manufactured from optically correct, UV stabilised super clear PVC

Fully insulated base with heat reflective material encapsulated between reinforced PVC

Bund on base to retain fluids

Eight pockets retaining easily replaceable PPS glove system, allowing multiple entry points to your patient

Poly ribs provide support for the upper section

Belt system with 4 handgrips on each side enables first responders to transport and safely manoeuvre patient is ISO-Capsule. The handgrips can be used as attachment point to secure the unit whle in transit

5 points harness to secure the patient within

IV access ports at either end of the unit

IV port at the foot of the unit can be used to drain fluids

Attached pass thru bag, allowing items to be placed into or removed from the unit, with minimal pressure loss in unit

Integral pocket to slide body board through to support to support patient during transport

Central push/pull connections for oxygen and intravenous connections or other fluids

Negative pressure filtration system removes airborne particulates through filtration on inlet to ISO-Capsule and contaminated air is then drawn out of the chamber via the PAPR unit and passes through HEPA filters before being echausted into the atmosphere




Vision panels                                    Full length

Protection at user interface              Nitrile gloves 8 access points

IV ports                                             Polymer toe cap

Posting bag                                      Yes

PAPR unit – Negative pressure filtration unit (180 litres per minute). Creating minimum of 12+ air exchanges per hour

2 HEPA/ULPA/2 ABE Canisters       Yes

Rechargeable volt, NiMH –

8hr batter & charger                         1

Internal patient securing system      Yes

Maximum weight capacity               150kg

Weight                                              8kg

Dimensions (LxWxH)                       200cm x 80cm x 50cm

Weight packed (complete system)   20kg

Storage size                                     90cm x 61cm x 71cm

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