Junction Box by Gisma Steckverbinder

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With a junction box, several individual cables are combined to a system cable or a system cable is distributed to multiple cables.


Junction boxes are tailored to customer's needs depending on the application case. In close cooperation with the customer, the required system connectors are selected and adapted to the respective application area.


In addition to the specific dimensions for the optimum installation, integrated electronic modules and special strain relief members are also available. For deep-water applications, oil-filled and pressure compensated junction boxes are available.

On request, we can also offer the environmental audits.


Main fields of application are:

offshore industry

naval technology

marine research

renewable energy

industry applications


Technical specifications:

available in bronze, stainless steel and titanium

high pressure watertightness

double o-ring-seals in all sealing levels

incl. nitrogen filling

various mounting systems selectable

available with integrated pressure hull penetrator

the installation of electronic modules is possible

strain relief members available for umbilicals

optional painting according customer specification

environmental audit according specification

Defense Products & Services: Junction Box by Gisma Steckverbinder
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Junction Box

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