K 424XC Mobile Box Full Equipment Packages by Zarges

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Zarges GmbH & Co KG
Zargesstraße 7
82362 Weilheim in Oberbayern

The K 424 XC Mobile Box combines stability and flexibility and has a multitude of accessories and versatile interior fittings.


A smart purchase – the most practical variants of a K 424 XC rolled into one.


Box including equipment package offers a price saving.

Choice of 2 sizes.

Equipment package contains lid pocket (Order No. 41820), inside pocket (Order No. 41823 or 41824) and wheel set (Order No. 41818).

Extremely smooth-running due to special castors, ø 50 mm, made from polyurethane and polyamide.

ZARGES Comfort fasteners with extremely long service life, fitted with plug locks.




Clearance dimensions approx. 30 mm less than inside dimensions.

The combination of a lid bag and the practical 125 mm castor set makes the K 424 XC a universally adaptable companion




Order       Int. length       Int. width        Int. height     Ext. length      Ext. width      Ext. height    Volume   Weight  Pull handle Total max. weight 

number (approx. mm) (approx. mm) (approx. mm) (approx. mm) (approx. mm) (approx. mm) (approx. l)   (kg)                         (approx. kg)

41816       550              350              310              600             400              385            60        8.3      3-part           25.0   

41817       750              350              380              800             400              455            99       10.0     2-part           35.0

Defense Products & Services: K 424XC Mobile Box Full Equipment Packages by Zarges
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Description: K 424XC Mobile Box Full Equipment Packages
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