Ka-31 Radar Picket Helicopter

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The Ka-31 radar picket helicopter is designed for airspace and sea-surface radar surveillance; detection of surface vessels, fixed- and rotarywing aircraft, including low-altitude air targets; target tracking; and automatic data transmission to command and control posts. The Ka-31 is capable of operating from ships, airfields and unprepared sites in any season, by day and night, in all weathers.



The avionics suite enables detection of surface and air targets, target identification, and transmission of target-relevant data to command and control posts. It comprises a surveillance radar and an IFF system. The radar provides omnidirectional airspace surveillance with a 10sec scanning cycle, automatic and semi-automatic target detection, and determination of the target’s coordinates and trajectory parameters. The radar is capable of acquiring and simultaneously tracking 20 to 40 targets (fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft) at a range of 100-150 km, and surface vessels within the radar coverage.


The onboard integrated flight navigation system is used to generate and display flight data, stabilise the helicopter's altitude and angles of attack, hover and descent modes. It can automatically guide the machine to the mother ship or home base, provide automatic navigation along typical routes in patrol areas, continuously measure the helicopter and ship positions, guide the helicopter along a pre-programmed route with automatic return to the home base. The onboard communications system ensures telecode communications and tactical data transmission to command and control posts at a minimum range of 150 km from altitudes of 1,500 to 3,500 m.

Max take-off weight, kg



Air speed, km/h:

maximum 220

patrolling 100


Max patrolling altitude, m



Patrol endurance, hrs




2 x TV3-117VMAR turboshafts




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