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Setting up a compact, durable and reliable infrastructure is a key task for air traffic control (ATC) authorities. The R&S®KG4200 ATC SYSTEM RACK ATC System Rack ATC system rack allows them to quickly plan such an infrastructure and put it into operation.


The R&S®KG4200 ATC SYSTEM RACK ATC System Rack system rack is the basis for a fully equipped radio system consisting of R&S®SERIES4200 Software Defined Radios radios. Even systems with a large number of radio channels can be implemented in a minimum of space. Thanks to the standardized setup, various commercial-ofthe- shelf (COTS) equipment can be integrated alongside the radios. The radio equipment and options can easily be installed, retrofitted and removed.


The R&S®KG4200 ATC SYSTEM RACK ATC System Rack rack is made of stainless steel and aluminum, which ensures long life and high durability. It protects the equipment against mechanical stress and unauthorized access to the integrated components.


Key Facts


Specially developed for ATC systems, for integration of R&S®SERIES4200 Software Defined Radios radios, R&S®GV4000 Multi-Link Controller multilink controller and filters

Up to 24 transmitters/transceivers or up to 48 receivers

Up to eight transceiver channels (MAIN/STANDBY) with filters in one rack

Wide variety of standardized options

Radios, COTS and third-party equipment in one rack


Features & Benefits


Compact, scalable setup

The R&S®KG4200 provides 46 height units (HU), which means it can accommodate a maximum of equipment in a minimum of space. It can hold up to 24 transmitters/ transceivers or 48 receivers. The R&S®KG4200 is offered in different models for different numbers of radios. As a result, it can be used in small tower systems as well as in large-scale radio stations.


Easy to install

Preinstalled rackmounts and KRONE® interfaces make it easy for the user to install radios and COTS products in the rack. The AC power supply is prewired and ready to be connected, minimizing setup time.


Flexible system integration

Thanks to the diverse R&S®KG4200 options, many different system versions can be implemented, e.g. MAIN/STANDBY installation, backup DC power supply or integration of n+m redundancy when using the R&S®GV4000 multilink controller. This allows, for example, a configuration with eight filtered radio channels based on R&S®Series4200 transmitters or transceivers in MAIN/ STANDBY operation in one rack.


Installation of additional third-party equipment

The 19" rack design makes it possible to install additional COTS and other third-party equipment such as Ethernet switches for network-based remote monitoring and control systems or VoIP applications.


No additional cooling required

The perforated rear panel and door make sure that a completely equipped R&S®KG4200 is sufficiently cooled at a room temperature of up to +30 °C. The rack design is tailored to the cooling concept of the R&S®Series4200 radios so that several racks can be set up next to each other. No modifications are required.


Durable and secure

The R&S®KG4200 consists of a stainless steel frame and aluminum side and rear panels that protect the integrated components from mechanical stress. Lockable doors are available to prevent unauthorized access to the radios.


Uniform appearance

The color of the R&S®KG4200 rack is matched to the design of the R&S®Series4200 radios.




General data

Power supply          

AC                              115/230 V AC –10/+15 %, 47 Hz to 63 Hz

DC                              22 V to 31 V DC

                                   (with R&S®KG42-Z5/R&S®KG42-Z51 options)


frame                        stainless steel frame, blue front, RAL 5014

paneling                    aluminum panels (RAL 7047)


(H ×W × D)               2180 mm × 600 mm × 800 mm

                                 (85.8 in × 23.6 in × 31.5 in)

with adjustable feet   2200 mm × 600 mm × 800 mm

                                 (86.6 in × 23.6 in × 31.5 in)

Operating temperature range       rack only        –20 °C to +55 °C

Storage temperature range          rack only        –40 °C to +70 °C

Vibration and shock                                               in line with

                                                                               IEC 60721-3-3 Cl. 3M2-3M3,

                                                                               IEC TR 60721-4-3 Cl. 3M3,

                                                                               IEC 60068-2-6: 1995-03, Part 2 (vibration),

                                                                               IEC 60038-2-27: 1987, Part 2 (shock)



R&S®KG4200 ATC system rack (with transmitters or transceivers)

                                                             Model .06           Model .12           Model .18            Model .24

Number of transmitters

or transceivers                                      max. 6                max. 12              max. 18               max. 24

Transmitter/transceiver power consumption

Peak power, all transmitters/               2880 VA AC,      5760 VA AC,       8640 VA AC,       11520 VA AC,

transceivers keyed                              2340 W DC        4680 W DC         7020 W DC          9360 W DC

Average power, transmitters/               528 VA AC,       1056 VA AC,       1584 VA AC,        2112 VA AC,

transceivers keyed for 10 %                 414 W DC          828 W DC          1242 W DC         1656 W DC

of time (max.) 10:1 (RX:TX)         


AC                                                          12.5 A                  25 A                     37.5 A                  50 A

Recommended fusing

230 V AC                                               2 × 16 A              2 × 16 A                4 × 16 A              4 × 16 A

24/28 V DC                                              95 A                  2 × 95 A                4 × 95 A              4 × 95 A

28 V DC connection points in                    1                          2                            3                        4

rack (six units per point);

one basic option for six units        

Empty weight                                      96 kg (211.6 lb)       102 kg (224.9 lb)    108 kg (238.1 lb)    114 kg (251.3 lb)

Max. weight with transmitters/            approx. 144 kg         approx. 198 kg        approx. 252 kg       approx. 306 kg

transceivers (including options)             (317.5 lb))                (436.5 lb))                (555.6 lb))               (674.6 lb)



R&S®KG4200 ATC system rack (with receivers only))


                                                              Model .62                  Model .74                 Model .86              Model .98


Number of receivers                                 max. 12                      max. 24                   max. 36               max. 48

Receiver power consumption

Peak power, all receivers                        540 VA AC,                1080 VA AC,            1620 VA AC,        2160 VA AC,

                                                                 360 W DC                    720 W DC              1080 W DC          1440 W DC

AC                                                                2.4 A                              4,7 A                      7.0 A                    9.4 A

Recommended fusing

230 V AC                                                     2 × 16 A                         2 × 16 A                  4 × 16 A             4 × 16 A

24/28 V DC                                                  2 × 7.5 A                        4 × 7.5 A                 6 × 7.5 A            8 × 7.5 A

28 V DC connection points in                             2                                    4                             6                      8

rack (six units per point);

one basic option for six units        

Empty weight                                               approx. 96 kg          approx. 102 kg          approx. 108 kg        approx. 114 kg

                                                                         (211.6 lb)                  (224.9 lb)                  (238.1 lb)                  (251.3 lb)

Max. weight with receivers                          approx. 150 kg        approx. 210 kg           approx. 270 kg       approx. 330 kg

(including options)                                          (330.7 lb))               (463.0 lb))                   (595.2 lb))             (727.5 lb)

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